One of my biggest character defects can be is not to realise how long things can take me to do, I am in some ways, a slow learner (particularly with the written word and academics).

Having Dyslexia doesn't help added to a poor schooling, but one thing I have in abundance is passion,determination and self discipline! 

I feel so blessed as I realise even if I dont feel I am 'good enough' sometimes is just negative self talk and I must learn to be kinder to myself.

I,like most people, am doing the best I can and thats good enough.

So when you are beating yourself up just STOP and remember yourself you would not speak to others like that so be patient, tolerant and loving to you yourself.

Its time to celebrate all the things we are GREAT for a change instead of what we are not good at.

Being hard on ourselves can also have a huge negative effect on our health as well, anxiety can cause sleepless nights, low moods and lack of self care as well as interfering with our ability to experience joy and fulfilment.

I know todays has taken me a bit longer than I would have liked to get things done but I am going to say a big 'Well done' to myself as that feels so much nicer than being hard on myself!