Wow, this is such a wonderful day to celebrate I could not resist writing about it!

One of my favourite words is respect,when I briefly read what it said I was delighted and a bit saddened at the same time.

Why.... you ask, well its so fantastic to be more respectful to others but lets not forget about being respectful to ourselves.

Often people ask me 'what do I need to do do ensure I am respectful to myself?' The answer is easier than you think, just reverse all the things you do to others and ensure you do them for yourself.

The problem is that usually is easier said than done,we often find it less difficult to be respectful to others but somehow we dont deserve to do the same to ourselves.

Perhaps we feel guilty or embarrassed  if we are respectful to ourselves as well,or even sense it might be rather egotistical.

The thing is its as important for a healthy happy life  that we do these things for ourselves as well.

Be realistic with your personal expectations of yourself

Make sure you take proper meal breaks

Get plenty of sleep 

Learnt to say no and set boundaries

Say how you are really feeling

Be Authentic, be yourself

Make time for fun 

Let go of the 'negative self talk'


And the list goes on..... My suggestion is IF you make time for some of the above you will automatically feel a deeper sense of self respect which will ultimately  positively affect others around you.