How lovely to have a Best Friends Day. Most of us have got someone in our lives who has been there for us, whether it be a long-term childhood school friend, someone we have met in the workplace or even a beloved partner.   

But your best friend really needs to be yourself.  It may sound odd, to be your own best friend, but time and time again I have clients who say… they are their own worst enemy.  How many people seem to speak badly about themselves, berating themselves when they make mistakes.  Generally being unforgiving. Have unrealistic expectations of themselves, and seem to put everyone else first. 

I would like to see more people be their own best friend. It generally comes back to self-love, self respect and self care.  Aren’t we always brilliant at being there for others, almost addressing their every need, being kind, respectful and loving, without a thought for themselves.

When you start to practice being your own best friend you will really start to reap the benefits.  Take some of your own advice, the sort of advice you would give to your best friend if they were feeling tired, exhausted or overwhelmed.  And don’t feel guilty when you give yourself time out!

Maybe now is a good time to ask yourself, who your real best friend needs to be?