Well sometimes it just has to be done!

Light hearted fun and almost childlike is my theme for this weeks Blog.

How often are we too serious and don't stop to smell the roses and enjoy life a bit more?

Recently I went into town by bicycle, which I love, just cycling along the seafront looking at the beauty and expanse of the sea.

I had an appointment to paint my toenails and was due to cycle back home at a set time, but guess what? I had overshot the time and did not have time to let them dry properly.

Well in the big scheme of things it’s not exactly a big drama you might say, but I decided to cycle home with my bare feet.

I have to say it was such fun, the freedom of wearing no shoes and seeing my pretty red manicured toes was such a treat.

It reminded me of when I was a child and spent more time with shoes off than shoes on.

So my health tip for today is kick off your shoes, go barefoot, take up yoga, go for a paddle in the sea, walk on the grass, wiggle those pinkies, do whatever it takes to bring you back to the fun side of life.