I was a bit stumped at what to do for my health tip this week so decided to keep things simple and go back to the basics.

So with that in mind, in my experience, the  real ‘Key to a healthy happy balanced life’ is adhering to these 12 simple principles.

I am living proof that anyone’s lives can be turned around, I was once stressed, inauthentic, overweight and tired a lot of the time,I ended up constantly trying to blame others for not helping me enough,having too high expectations of me and generally not understanding how hard life was for me.

I felt unsupported and disrespected, there came a moment in my life when things had to change, and it had to be ME!

I found the answers to my various problems by practicing the things below and I can honestly say I have never felt such self-love, self respect and contentment in my life before.

Learning to say no and ask for help

Practicing radical self care

Living in the present

Doing the next smallest right thing

Being grateful

Finding a sense of spirituality

Letting go of resentments 

Learning to just be myself (Authentic) 

Making time for fun

Enjoying loving relationships

Following your calling/purpose

Spending time in nature

So if you feel you are ready to make changes and would like some support, empathy and respect on your journey then contact me, I would love to work with you.