Today is (6th June) ‘Thank God its Monday day’ I bet not many people start their week feeling like that!

Wouldn't it be great if we could all feel happy on a Monday?

Well there are a few things that can help you feel happy on a Monday, one of the most important is to do a job you love and  I feel blessed that I love my work and it makes such a difference.

I wake up eager to get on with my true purpose and it brings about a passion and excitement that helps to energize me.

Accepting also that some times we don't feel up to it after a nice weekend of rest is about being real, we cant ALWAYS  feel great about Mondays.

Having a positive attitude and lots of gratitude is helpful and as my husband often says after a long Monday at work, ‘Sandra I am lucky to have a job’.

If you do not work then ensure you do something fun or that you love to start your week, I often go the the cinema which is fantastic for my mind and helps me lighten up a bit.

There is also plenty of research to suggest if people are suffering from depression  having  a-disciplined routine at the start of the week gets them into a happier cycle of thought.

So lets all look at making our weeks start on a happier footing by injecting some gratitude and doing more of what we love.