Famous American singer-songwriter, Billy Joel once sang that honesty is such a lonely word, suggesting that honesty is a very rare quality in all kinds of relationships - personal, professional and social.

Hirsh Goldberg created this holiday as a way to encourage people to speak the truth and to "honour the honourable" and even though it's an American day, I believe its so important to acknowledge it every day.

I am sure most of us say that we are honest but are we really? Ask yourself a few questions..

Many people find it difficult to be honest about there true feeling for fear of upsetting others or causing conflict.

For others saying no and having strong boundaries is almost impossible.

Some people find they tell little ‘white lies’ as they think  they are ok.

The reality is if we are dishonest  whether that's taking a few pens and bits from work we think we are 'entitled too', or not being authentic it makes us feel a certain amount of dis-ease and ultimately that will affect our health.

So my message is simple...... don't beat yourself up just clean your act up! You might be surprised at how wonderful it can feel.