Very often when we have lots going on in life, our bodies become introverted and we tend to look down, as we concentrate on the amount we have on our ‘to do’ lists. 

So when I came across this, ‘look up at the sky day’, I feel it encourages us to get out of our own thoughts for a moment, and look up at the bigger picture.  The beauty all around us, that is always there, and helps us to just put life into perspective.

Some find it therapeutic just watching the clouds go past slowly, and enjoying the different light and shade as the day goes by. 

Making it a daily practice to stop and look up opens up your mind, as well as your body as you give your lungs more space in your chest, as you breathe.

So don’t just think about looking up into the sky on just this one day of the year, think about making it part of your daily routine.