Did you know its International 'Check list day' at the end of October and one thing that is sure to get great ideas into action is a check list.

Well in theory perhaps but its not always easy to get round to the things we REALLY need to be doing as often things get in the way (like procrastination!).

Also many people (my self included) often put either too much on the list or they are not in order of priority.

 Before we continue remember the to do lists will generally never be completed as there always seems to be something that needs doing so let yourself of the hook a bit and dont be so hard on yourself.

A simple solution for this is to obtain some sort of balance, a list with the priorities first then the not so important stuff then the its ok to get done in the next week stuff,but always add some fun stuff  MUST go on there to make it more do-able.

And finally we all FEEL so much better when we have just got on with things, it leaves us lighter,happier and decreases stress! So get out your check list and enjoy the fruits of your labour!