Life Sucks

Do you feel like you are going round in circles, doing the same thing, without passion or drive.  Pleasing others before yourself.  Sometimes feeling ‘is life really worth living’, or ‘is this it’!  Often at this time of year many people reflect on the previous year and think about what they want for the year to come.  Perhaps now is the time to identify the route of your underlying feelings. 

Try asking yourself what specifically you are unhappy with? 

  • Your relationship with your partner
  • Your financial situation
  • Your body
  • Your health
  • A current situation
  • Work / job
  • Challenges with Children or dependents

Very often we undertake our lives on autopilot, without stopping to ask ourselves whether we are happy, or really thinking about what we are unhappy with. 

Make some time for yourself, writing can be a great tool to uncover or connect with deep routed unhappiness.  Talking to someone you trust, or investing in coaching, counselling or another therapy.

It is important to try to identify, acknowledge and accept what may be bothering you.  What you may find when you are trying to avoid an issue is that it will keep rearing its ugly head, until you confront it head on! 

Make 2016 your year.