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Finding our calling-Blog




I just LOVE my work it's the most amazing exhilarating thing to have a special purpose.

My mother told me when I was a child everyone has a special gift, she said Ihad the gift of the gab ( Bless me,I didn't know it meant I talked a lot).

I remember getting excited and soon found out it was not so great, as I grew older I felt a need to pursue my calling/purpose and found a career as a Nurse. Ironically it is all about communication to others and ultimately now as a coach/Public speaker as well,I realise I WAS actually gifted in the speaking department!

So if youLOVE what you do and believe you are good at it then whatever it is you are on the right track.

The three main litmus tests are.

1.Do you feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment when you are doing it?

2.Does it make you happy?

3.Do you enjoy it?

If the answer is yes just keep on and don't worry about success or money ( tough as that might be) just keep on keeping on.

I changed career when I was 47 and it was the most wonderful thing I have ever done,I had to be so brave but the force behind me (and my faith in my purpose) kept me driving forward even in the tough times.

 So my suggestion is find what you LOVE and never give it up, a life working towards your purpose will be a life of deep joy and fulfillment.




National Honesty Day 29th April -Blog

Famous American singer-songwriter, Billy Joel once sang that honesty is such a lonely word, suggesting that honesty is a very rare quality in all kinds of relationships - personal, professional and social.

Hirsh Goldberg created this holiday as a way to encourage people to speak the truth and to "honour the honourable" and even though it's an American day, I believe its so important to acknowledge it every day.

I am sure most of us say that we are honest but are we really? Ask yourself a few questions..

Many people find it difficult to be honest about there true feeling for fear of upsetting others or causing conflict.

For others saying no and having strong boundaries is almost impossible.

Some people find they tell little ‘white lies’ as they think  they are ok.

The reality is if we are dishonest  whether that's taking a few pens and bits from work we think we are 'entitled too', or not being authentic it makes us feel a certain amount of dis-ease and ultimately that will affect our health.

So my message is simple...... don't beat yourself up just clean your act up! You might be surprised at how wonderful it can feel.

Look up at the Sky Day – 14th April

Very often when we have lots going on in life, our bodies become introverted and we tend to look down, as we concentrate on the amount we have on our ‘to do’ lists. 

So when I came across this, ‘look up at the sky day’, I feel it encourages us to get out of our own thoughts for a moment, and look up at the bigger picture.  The beauty all around us, that is always there, and helps us to just put life into perspective.

Some find it therapeutic just watching the clouds go past slowly, and enjoying the different light and shade as the day goes by. 

Making it a daily practice to stop and look up opens up your mind, as well as your body as you give your lungs more space in your chest, as you breathe.

So don’t just think about looking up into the sky on just this one day of the year, think about making it part of your daily routine.

Take a Walk in the Park Day - 30th March 2016


What a fantastic celebration, simple, easy, do-able.  Something I support, getting outside, appreciating nature, at this beautiful time of year.  The evenings are getting lighter, the blossom is forming on the trees, and I feel there is more beauty to observe.

We have all heard about the healthy 5-a-day option, when we think about healthy eating.  I feel that getting outside should be included, as another healthy option.

There are amazing parks to be visited, especially some of our National Herritage sites, with manicured lawns, and symmetrical planting, enough to make most of us feel gratitude and appreciation for nature.

So go on, book a date, and visit your local park, or at the very least just get outside for some tree hugging!


One of the hardest things to do can be to think ahead and make plans, as life is so full on and busy, a lot of the time.  Also, quite often our best-laid plans get disrupted by other priorities, something I have recently experienced when my son was in an accident in another country, and I flew out to be by his side.  My meticulous plans went out of the window for 2 weeks, so you could say, why bother then?


Although that may be true in part, the reality is it is great to at least have a plan, but always bear in mind they are not set in stone, and you may need to be flexible.


Whilst I was by my son’s side, my plans were limited and, as always, my health was my priority, which gave me much more self-control and peace.  Since I have returned there has been a backlog of work, and what has given me the most relief is having a realistic timetable of specific goals, which I am able to work through. 


When we plan anything really carefully we can benefit from the best results.

Have Fun At Work Day - 29th January 2016

What a great title – Fun at Work Day – how fabulous to have an international day dedicated to having fun at work, but how sad that we only focus on it one day a year!

I would like to see people making sure they have aspects of fun in their working lives everyday, whether they are working at home, working and looking after their families, or going out to work.  Having fun has an incredible affect on our health.  It is a well known fact that children learn the most when they are having fun at the same time.  And we are, after all, just big children!

Having fun boosts creativity, stimulates our imagination and gives us a sense of achievement.  Releasing endorphins gives a natural feeling of euphoria and time seems to pass more quickly. 

So I challenge you to make time for fun every day not just once a year, and notice how great you feel.

Loosen Up and Lighten Up

I couldn’t not write about this, and feel it should be on everyone’s agenda, every day, as many people grow older they become more intense and often stuck in their ways. 

When we look at children they live in the present, generally happy and laughing, and when they experience upset, they move on really quickly.

As we grow older the ability to 'move on quickly' becomes less and we begin to become more bogged down with life's challenges.

This can, in time, seriously affect our health.Worry,fear and anxiety all lead to stress which is not how we are meant to be living our lives. My suggestion is live life to the full and take on board some of my top tips to help you 'loosen up'.

Top Tips

  • Make time to have more fun
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Go to bed early
  • Have a lay-in
  • Spend more time outside in the fresh air
  • Keep a sense of humour with you
  • Be more flexible
  • Try to look at things from another’s perspective
  • Find ways to relax
  • Regularly remind yourself of what's really important and finally give yourself regular healthy meals,exercise your body and be kind to yourself!