Did you know this is the last Bank Holiday before Christmas?

Bank holidays are generally precious to most people, families love to get together, the summer is almost ending, nights are drawing in, and most of us want to get the most of the day.  The problem is, are our expectations for enjoyment just a bit too high?  Very often if high expectations are not met, then it can lead to high drama if things don't work out as planned, disappointment sets in and we can often feel let down, hurt or not good enough.

My new school of thought for you to consider is:

Whatever happened to 'go with the flow' 'enjoy the moment' and just be present in the now.  

Slow down

Give yourself a rest

Laugh at the simple things

Don't overbook yourself

Keep it simple!

We often don't realise how much we create the 'bad day' we end up experiencing.  It is good to learn a new way of doing things.  Just for today, let go of your high expectations of how it should be and just enjoy the ride.