I just LOVE my work it's the most amazing exhilarating thing to have a special purpose.

My mother told me when I was a child everyone has a special gift, she said Ihad the gift of the gab ( Bless me,I didn't know it meant I talked a lot).

I remember getting excited and soon found out it was not so great, as I grew older I felt a need to pursue my calling/purpose and found a career as a Nurse. Ironically it is all about communication to others and ultimately now as a coach/Public speaker as well,I realise I WAS actually gifted in the speaking department!

So if youLOVE what you do and believe you are good at it then whatever it is you are on the right track.

The three main litmus tests are.

1.Do you feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment when you are doing it?

2.Does it make you happy?

3.Do you enjoy it?

If the answer is yes just keep on and don't worry about success or money ( tough as that might be) just keep on keeping on.

I changed career when I was 47 and it was the most wonderful thing I have ever done,I had to be so brave but the force behind me (and my faith in my purpose) kept me driving forward even in the tough times.

 So my suggestion is find what you LOVE and never give it up, a life working towards your purpose will be a life of deep joy and fulfillment.