One of the hardest things to do can be to think ahead and make plans, as life is so full on and busy, a lot of the time.  Also, quite often our best-laid plans get disrupted by other priorities, something I have recently experienced when my son was in an accident in another country, and I flew out to be by his side.  My meticulous plans went out of the window for 2 weeks, so you could say, why bother then?


Although that may be true in part, the reality is it is great to at least have a plan, but always bear in mind they are not set in stone, and you may need to be flexible.


Whilst I was by my son’s side, my plans were limited and, as always, my health was my priority, which gave me much more self-control and peace.  Since I have returned there has been a backlog of work, and what has given me the most relief is having a realistic timetable of specific goals, which I am able to work through. 


When we plan anything really carefully we can benefit from the best results.