I cannot believe that there is an international day called ‘Laugh and Get Rich’ day!, But I love it.  And, anything is worth a try, who knows what the outcome might be.  Let’s be honest, if people are really happy there is a draw to them, a sense of attraction which can only be a good thing.  People that are really happy, for example, love their job and have a purpose, and come across as confident and enjoying life, are much more likely, to be successful, and ultimately more financially secure.


I once met someone who was so happy and excited about his work, articulate and animated, everyone around him seemed excited and curious about the product he was selling, flooring!  Can you believe it, carpet and lino!  He was as prosperous as he was charismatic, and ultimately people were buying the product he was selling.


So if its that easy, lets sit back and laugh and watch the pennies come in.